New Media Certificate

NMI Portfolio

The New Media Institute (NMI) at the University of Georgia tests the boundaries of my programming abilities, as well as introduces as a broad range of skillsets. The NMI’s certificate program allows me to branch out from typical computer science coursework and explore new territories.

I have gained knowledge in entrepreneurship, HTML and CSS, as well as other programming skills as part of my degree program. During my time at the NMI, the most vital product of my learning has been unshakable feeling of confidence in my capacity to create.

Below are the projects that have made this possible.

team new media

First Project in NMI!

I worked as the Team Leader/Coordinator to create a polished and engaging final Dystopian themed project. We collected research and conducted a theoretical narrative of what may happen if too many boundaries are crossed in the limbo between technology and real life. Our team created an artifact resembling a futuristic smart home device that had gathered enough information to blackmail its users.

New Media Production

This class focused on the principles of web design and structure. We began with HTML and CSS and I created my first website using these new skills. Then, we moved on to Bootstrap and I was able to create a much more thorough website using these new themes. From there, we learned how to navigate WordPress and JavaScript. This class was challenging, yet proved to be extremely rewarding, with each learned skill revealing tangible results.

New Media Industries

person talking with their hands

New Media Industries

New Media Industries (Digital Brown Bag) gave essential advice on how to succeed in various industries. Each Friday, an incredible speaker with experience and wisdom talked with our class and gave us an opportunity to talk one-on-one with them to expand our personal networks. Furthermore, we chose three professional development opportunities and engaged in them throughout the semester. They focused on specific preparation and development for our time in the workplace.