UX/UI for Mobile Web, App, and Website Design


Figma, Canva


4 Designers

My Role

UX Designer, Researcher


Spring 2024

Project Overview:

Peace Pod’s UX/UI design initiative was to translate conceptual ideas into user-friendly digital solutions across mobile web, app, and website platforms. Figma was used as our primary tool and ensured a successful iteration throughout the design journey.

The Challenge:

Navigating UX/UI complexities to prioritize user-centric solutions was a challenge we embraced. Meticulously adhering to our style guide ensured coherence across platforms, with iterative refinement driven by feedback and usability testing. With Figma, we aimed for visually captivating and functionally effective user experiences.

The Solution:

We created a detailed style guide to maintain consistency across all platforms. This guide included color schemes, typography guidelines, and UI elements. With Figma, we could easily share and edit designs, making sure they met our standards for usability and aesthetics.


Our efforts paid off with a set of polished UX/UI designs that reflected the essence of Peace Pod. By working together and using Figma effectively, our designs made it easy for users to navigate and interact with Peace Pod.


Our journey with Peace Pod’s UX/UI design process taught us the importance of organization and collaboration. By dividing tasks and using the collaborative features from Figma, we were able to overcome challenges and deliver exceptional results. As we move forward, we carry with us the knowledge and skills gained from this experience, ready to tackle new challenges in the world of design.